What is an API and how your business can benefit!

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What is an API and how your business can benefit!

Technology is changing at a fast rate and i see very clearly how its creating a dynamic and peer network that will revolutionize the way it will be used.

It wasn’t so long a go when you designed a website for the desktop only and the mobile version wasn’t even considered. Now days, the mobile design is a first class citizen.

Let me introduce you to the future, its called an API! It is basically exposing technology through an API that can be consumed by any mobile app, an appliance, computer software or machine.

An API is basically code interface that can be used by other machines\software but has no interface. The advantage of this that your expose the technology and allow it to be used by other mediums. An example would be the weather service, their are many mobile applications displaying weather information but the source of the weather is through an API provide by the weather bureau. The weather bureau just provides an API and many people benefit from its service.

Many companies have systems or data that is hidden locked to there infrastructure and or location and can not be utilized easily. The benefit to creating an API to your data or software can allow it to be consumed more readily for the benefit of the business.

Imagine a food warehouse company exposing they product catalog through an api? Your clients could use this information for creating there own website selling your products for example. This can also reduce expenditure because your clients are using there resources to create a solution that suits there needs but using your product catalog API.

Companies strive to keep all there customers happy but not easily achievable due to different needs, hence by creating an api interface, you can provide a real benefit to your clients.

We assist our clients with achieving the above and found opportunities not previously aware of.


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