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Our solutions have no limits or bounds, we take ideas and develop them into solutions that no one else understands or willing to develop.  Our passion, intelligence and innovative environment give us the competitive edge.

Besides automation, one of my aims of life is to help the world be a better place. We waste so much energy on things that do not require much. We leave lights on, we forget to turn of the water off, governments water gardens on a rainy day and we are too lazy to care about our usage of energy!

Imagine an automation platform that everyone wants and needs and it’s got your
name on it (or our name if you don’t invest )? Well, we have the product that does
exactly that.

Everyone will want one or more, everyone will need one (because we all
want to save money and automate our lives), we have the patent, the technology
and smart people behind it. Actually, governments will probably want it also.

Milestone Systems Video Management System

Having a deep knowledge of Milestone Systems, we have and can create solutions that provide functionality that can transform and impprove an enterprise system.   From rfid integration, security system monitoring,  GIS integration, license plate recognition and building automation solution, eTech can make this happen!

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