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Note:  We are currently in BETA stage of  marketing so this page will change very often and excuse any errors you may see. 

Besides automation, one of my aims of life is to help the world be a better place. We waste so much energy on things that do not require much. We leave lights on, we forget to turn of the water off, governments water gardens on a rainy day and we are too lazy to care about our usage of energy!

I live a busy life style but I enjoy gardening and organic food. Because I am not always home, wouldn’t it be great to grow awesome produce with the assistance of automation or be able to monitor the garden while you are away?

Imagine being able to monitor the temperature of each room and control its temperatures separately, even being able to turn the TV off if you fall asleep. Our system can do this and more!  We are committed to creating a system that can be used for so many purposes.


Its a universal IOT device that can be used for anything you want to automate. No need a separate board for different functions and provide a lot of functionality.

The mainboard can talk to the probe\s using bluetooth, wifi or wired.

Basically its a system that you program that can be used as a sprinkler system, alarm system, lighting systems, etc without it being specific for any purpose.

It does whatever you want it to do…frankly you could just re-badge it and sell it as a commercial product. Program it to do what ever you want.

I came up with this product because i found most development systems always need extension boards etc to make them useful. My system has a lot of interfaces so you use it straight away to do something useful without knowing electronics or for people with no time to ‘tinker’ with hardware.


It incorporates the latest technologies and connections to cater for many applications.   Its core is a cpu supported by many types of interfaces and technologies to enable  the development of a commercial product just by re-badging it.

It includes the following technologies and options.

  • Bluetooth
  • 1Wire interfaces
  • Powerline Communications
  • Arduino Header Connector
  • Led Indicators
  • Graphics or Matrix display
  • CAN Bus interface
  • WiFi Capability
  • Relay Control
  • ADC Inputs
  • Opto-Isolated Inputs
  • Microsoft Micro-Framework programming interface
  • Ethernet Connection
  • SDCard
  •  4 programmable  buttons

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