Having traveled recently and using many taxi’s, i have experienced how the Taxi industry is changing influenced by Apps like Uber etc.

Taxi Bureaus have a great opportunity to innovate!

People who need a taxi just want to get from A to B  with minimal stress and maximum convenience(well this is a goal of life i guess!),  hence we will use the tools that can achieve this.

I have spoken to many Taxis drivers and they realise the impact Uber is having on the industry but they tend to accept that it and hope it doesn’t impact them.   I have been told that many drivers are using Uber full-time as they can earn more money get more customers.

I understand that this may not be legal but people will still use it (apparently Uber will pay any fines) because its the future and these types of apps cannot be regulated or controlled.

apps are socially regulated NOT government regulated

I see the future where all Taxis will run independently of any bureau and be totally self regulated by apps of this sort.  If you a bad driver, then apps will ensure you don’t get booked and if your a great driver, then you may be very popular.  Hence, great drivers get rewarded for the hard work they put in.

Bureaus have a hard path ahead of them  BUT this is a great opportunity for them to innovate.   Bureaus have the experience, tools and technology to lead the path with innovation.   I believe they should open their services for third parties to exploited and use.   Partnering with other organisations and\or Apps and allowing third party developers to use their platform may be the way forward.  I also believe introducing in-vehicle technology will also ensure customer satisfaction and\or introducing other services.


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